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This is a Mandala. You draw what represent you on a circular piece of paper. I drew a castle, a Knight, a Dragon, and a flag because I love medieval things and I am a patriot.

Caring is when someone who appreciates something. When someone is caring, they defend someone or give people food. People who are caring are people at food drives or soldiers who care about their country. Soda in the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is caring about Ponyboy.

Soda cares about Ponyboy when he said “leave my kid brother alone, you hear,” (pg. 50). Soda is caring when he’s defending Ponyboy from Darry. Ponyboy is being beat up by the Soc’s and the gang is chasing the Soc’s away and Darry is yelling at Ponyboy then Soda says, “Leave my kid brother alone, you hear.” Then Darry stops yelling at Ponyboy.

Another time Soda cares about Ponyboy is when he goes to the hospital Ponyboy, The dialog says “I leaped up and ran to the door… Soda had me in a bear hug…” (pg. 97). Ponyboy is in the hospital and Soda was opening the door and he’s hugging Ponyboy. Ponyboy is saving some kids in a fire and he goes to the hospital when he hears the nurse tell him his brothers are coming. The dialog said “I leaped up and ran to the door… Soda had me in a bear hug…” Soda had missed Ponyboy incredibly after not seeing him for a week.

Finally, an example of Soda caring about Ponyboy is when Soda says, “Darry…”“Sodapop began, but Darry turned on him,” (pg.50). Ponyboy is home late and Darry is mad at Ponyboy and Soda is defending him. Ponyboy is at the movies and he goes to sleep there, but he wakes up in the night. He goes back home and Darry is furious at him for coming home late, but Soda is trying to  defend Ponyboy  by saying “Darry…”’Sodapop began, but Darry turned on him,’ (pg.50). Then Darry hit Ponyboy and Ponyboy runs away.

In conclusion, Soda throughout The Outsiders is caring about Ponyboy. Soda shows this trait many times because Ponyboy is his little brother, and his older brother Darry, is always yelling at Ponyboy, so he defends his little brother from Darry. If he never cared about Ponyboy he would never defend him, and Ponyboy would end up like Johnny: unloved. That would have a huge impression on the story line, and Ponyboy wouldn’t be in the gang because Soda would never bring Ponyboy along with him. I show this trait many times because I care about my family. I care about my family when I am playing music with them. This trait really has a big impact in my life. I care about incredible amount of things like my friends and family.


Mrs. gates had us evoluate ourselves and make goals, my goals were to listen to directions the first time and not turn in homework late. So far i have done a good job.
  Battering Ram

By Ian McKay

Always tough

Always tired

I never sleep

I never stop

I am used

Then I am forgotten

I am a battering ram

I am a weapon of war

I destroy walls

I demolish buildings

This is only thing I know

The only thing I can do.

 I wait for the day

When I am destroyed

When my wheels are used for charcoal

Then i can rest

I can be free

That is my life

 The life of a battering ram

The Fleet of the Diamond Eagle

By Ian McKay

I once knew of a story

A story of a nation

A called the Glandon

Their flag was an eagle

An eagle with a diamond


The country was hungry for diamonds

They built a fleet

A fleet so big it filled the oceans for miles

Many battles have the crewmen been through,

And past eleven foot waves,


When their storage of diamonds overflowed

They decided to go find the blue diamond of legend


After many years they found it

The largest diamond the world has ever seen

But the diamond was a made by a wizard


The crew became immortal

Cursed to ride the crimson sea for eternity 




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