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About Me

Hello, my name is Ian. I am in seventh grade. I play tennis, soccer, and basketball. I don’t really watch sports. I have six brothers and sisters. I like to build things, and I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I lived in Chicago until I was five when I moved to California. I like 60’s rock music, modern rock, and Enya music. I love fantasy books that have lots of detail that seem as though the adventure can continue in my head after I’ve finished the book. My favorite color is purple and green. I like a whole range of foods from Chinese to Italian. I have a dual citizenship to Ireland and America because my dad’s grandfather was born in Ireland so my dad got the citizenship to Ireland before I was born, but none of my other siblings have dual citizenship. I love cars; my dad has an old 1936 Ford Phaeton, and the Phaeton is my favorite car ever. My dad also own a Jaguar XK150 from the 1960’s and a 2003 100th anniversary Harley Davison with A side car. I like outside games, video games, and board games. I really like Comedy TV shows.

This is my dads Ford Phaeton. It has a tiny green line and the inside of the wheels.


Wind and the Willow

 The Warrior Heir

Lord of the Rings


The Beatles


 Green Day

All American rejects

System of the downed

To Do Car List

Bugatti Veron

Ferrari California



30 Rock

The Office

Tom and Jerry


Day Tripper

21 Guns

Seize the Day

Night Fever